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Affiliate, Instructor

From: United States

At LCC Since: 2010

Key Areas

  • Language Assessment Literacy
  • Second Language Writing Pedagogy and Assessment
  • Classroom-based language assessment
  • Test-taker responses
  • The intersection of language assessment and language education policy
  • Eye-tracking methods for language research


Monique Yoder is an affiliate faculty member in the MA TESOL program with LCC International University, where she teaches the ENG 551 Language Assessment course and advises on students' theses. She is also currently a Ph.D. student in the Second Language Studies program at Michigan State University and holds a BA in English degree from Northern Michigan University (2005), an MA TESOL degree from Michigan State University (2008), and an MA in Language Testing degree from Lancaster University (2017). Her research interests include classroom-based language assessment, language assessment literacy, second language writing pedagogy and assessment, test-taker responses, the intersection of language assessment and language education policy, and eye-tracking methods for language research.
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