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Michael Ray
Smith, Ph.D.


From: United States

At LCC Since: 2019


Michael Ray Smith is professor of contemporary communication; most of his work concerns journalism, Christianity and media. In 2012, Campbell University near Raleigh, N.C., selected Smith for the first teaching excellence award. 

Smith earned a doctorate from Regent University, two master's degrees, one from Penn State University, and a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Maryland. He has taught at state and private universities, at graduate and undergraduate schools and served as a professor of journalism, professor of communication studies and professor of mass communication at various institutions. An award-winning journalist and photographer, he has been quoted in the New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today, The Arizona Republic, The Christian Science Monitor, The Louisville Courier-Journal, Editor & Publisher, Christianity Today, Writer's Digest and many other periodicals. He has been a guest on radio and TV including French TV 24, a Paris-based television broadcast, and online sites such as He has written nine books, ten peer-reviewed journal articles, seven chapters for books and hundreds of articles for the popular press. In addition, he writes for Religion Unplugged news web sites.


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