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Lougheed, Ph.D.

Director, Center for Faith and Human Flourishing/ Assistant Professor

From: Canada

At LCC Since: 2020

Key Areas

  • Philosophy of Religion (esp. analytic), Epistemology (esp. social) ,African Philosophy (esp. ethics, comparative)


Dr. Kirk Lougheed received his B.A. (honours) in Philosophy from Tyndale University College, M.A. in Interdisciplinary Humanities from Trinity Western University, M.A. in Philosophy from Ryerson University, and Ph.D. in Philosophy from McMaster University. He has received three research fellowships from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada throughout his academic career. 

Dr. Lougheed has published over 25 peer-reviewed articles that appear in such places as Philosophia, Ratio, Res Philosophica, and Synthese. He is the author of The Epistemic Benefits of Disagreement (Springer 2020), The Axiological Status of Theism and Other Worldviews (Palgrave 2020), and Ubuntu and Western Monotheism: An Axiological Investigation (Routledge, forthcoming). He is also the editor of Four Views on the Axiology of Theism? What Difference Does God Make? (Bloomsbury 2020), and co-editor (with Jonathan Matheson) of Epistemic Autonomy (Routledge, forthcoming). 

Current Research:
Dr. Lougheed’s current research focuses on cross-cultural dialogue between African ethics and ideas in Western philosophy of religion and ethics. He is particularly interested in what African ethics has to tell us about the value of monotheism, and various issues in procreative ethics.


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