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Giannoutsou, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

From: Latvia

At LCC Since: 2011

Key Areas

  • History of Humanitarian and Development Aid
  • Public-private Partnerships in Aid Delivery
  • Civil Society and Philanthropy


Julianna Giannoutsou is an Alumna of LCC International University who did her undergraduate studies in the field of psychology. She earned her MA in Management of Nonprofit Organizations from the University of Georgia. After a semester of research at Queensland University of Technology in Australia, she returned back to the United States to pursue her further studies. She earned her PhD in Philanthropic Studies from Indiana University-Purdue University in 2012. In 2013, Julianna became a founding director of the first Institute for Philanthropy in Lithuania that, among other, aims to promote research and teaching on giving and alleviation of human suffering.


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