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Hübner, Th.D.

Research Fellow

From: United States

At LCC Since: 2019

Key Areas

  • Gender/Sexuality and Theology
  • Religious Fundamentalism
  • Political Theology and Economics


Dr. Jamin Andreas Hübner (BA Theology; MA Religion; MS Applied Economics; ThD Systematic Theology) is a professor of economics at Western Dakota Technical Institute, the University of the People, a Research Fellow for the Center of Faith and Human Flourishing at LCC International University (Klaipėda, Lithuania), and the owner of several businesses including Efficient Business Consulting LLC. He formerly served as an Associate Professor of Christian Studies, Dean, and Director of Institutional Effectiveness at John Witherspoon College. Hübner's writing and research has been published by Wiley-Blackwell, University of Toronto Press, the American Academy of Religion, Eisenbrauns, SAGE, and other scholarly venues in a variety of fields spanning the humanities and social sciences. He has also served on a variety of boards, program committees and as a referee and editor for several academic journals.

He and his wife Jessica run several small businesses in the Black Hills of South Dakota with their two rescue dogs, Shosta and ζωή, and two tarantulas, Qoheleth and Hevel. They enjoy reading, thrifting, hiking, rock climbing, tea and coffee, and Jamin in particular enjoys table tennis, gardening, and writing. 


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