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From: Lithuania

At LCC Since: 2001


Ina holds a B.A. and M.A. in Philology from Vilnius University and an M.A. in Care and Counseling from Fresno Pacific University. As a university student counselor Ina has worked with students at LCC International University since 2001.  She is interested in the development of the identity in young adults through university experience and supports the students can receive in a caring multicultural community. Ina’s approach to counseling was influenced by existential-humanistic psychology and cognitive-behavioral therapy.  She views the counseling experience as a collaborative, supportive journey that helps to discover the young adult’s role in relationships and community systems. 

Therapeutically, now she works from an integrative perspective and attempts to identify each of the student’s strengths and potential for personal growth.  Ina uses a variety of short-term approaches, depending on the student’s unique background, circumstances, presenting symptoms, and personality.