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Assistant Professor

From: Nigeria

At LCC Since: 2007

Key Areas

  • International Business
  • Business research methods
  • Capstone Projects


Femi Odebiyi is an Assistant Professor at LCC International University. He joined the university in August 2007 from his teaching position at City University of Seattle, Slovakia campus. Prior to this, he worked in Dubai. He has a Master’s degree in International Management from the University of St. Thomas, USA and currently pursuing his doctorate degree in Transformational Leadership. He teaches Business Research Methods, and International Business. His professional interests include the integration of faith and work; he developed courses that integrate faith and work, and started an online faith and work related learning portal for students from universities spanning 4 different continents. He enjoys working with business and church leaders on issues ranging from stewardship to ethics. Part of his p practitioner work has involved working with Christian Entrepreneurs in Europe to develop an Entrepreneurship Mentoring and Education project. He is a recipient of the 2017 ECOLAS J.J. Kidd Fellows award and the 2016 Acton’s Mini Grant for Teaching and Research on Free Market Economics.
He is actively involved in entrepreneurial studies development. His research interests are focused on entrepreneurial and poverty intervention activities.


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