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Lukashanets, Ph.D.


From: Belarus

At LCC Since: 2023

Key Areas

  • Biodiversity
  • Microfauna
  • Polar Research


Joining the faculty in 2023, Dzmitry Lukashanets is an instructor in Introduction to Natural Sciences course. He completed his master’s degree in Zoology at Belarus State University in 2008 and his doctorate in Hydrobiology in 2014. Since 2016, his research focuses on polar biodiversity and polar ecosystems focusing on microinvertebrate animals. Dzmitry participated in the expeditions to the Antarctic (2018-2019), Svalbard (2021, 2022), Iceland and Greenland (2022 – onboard the vessel ‘National Geographic Explorer). In the beginning of 2021. moved to Lithuania because of political reasons.