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Edwards-Neff, Ph.D, APR

Affiliate, Professor

From: United States

At LCC Since: 2022

Key Areas

  • Public Relations
  • Crisis Communication
  • Activism


Dr. Denise Edwards-Neff has held previous administrative and faculty positions at Azusa Pacific University, Pepperdine University, Indiana Wesleyan University, and University of Indianapolis. She has taught a wide variety of courses in public relations, media, journalism, and communication. Her research has been published in Journal of Public Relations Research, Public Relations Review, Public Relations Journal, Quarterly Review of Business Disciplines, Business Review Yearbook, Oxford Handbook of Religion and the News, and The Handbook of Public Relations, and has been presented at annual conferences of the International Association of Business Disciplines, International Communication Association, National Communication Association, Religious Communication Association, and Public Relations Society of America.

Dr. Edwards-Neff has more than ten years of experience in professional public relations in higher education, corporate, and nonprofit organizations. She earned a Ph.D. in Public Affairs and Issues Management at Purdue University, is an appointed member of the international Commission on Public Relations Education, and has served as President of the Religious Communication Association and Chair of the Public Relations Division of the U.S. National Communication Association.


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