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Wenkel, Ph.D.

Affiliate, Research Fellow

From: United States

At LCC Since: 2020

Key Areas

  • Luke, Acts, Hebrews, and Matthew
  • Typology, Theological Interpretation of Scripture
  • Christology


Dr. David Wenkel has served as adjunct faculty and a research fellow in New Testament at LCC since 2020.

He wrote his M.A. thesis on John Bunyan’s doctrine of atonement and then focused on the New Testament for his Th.M degree at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. His doctoral work at the University of Aberdeen (Highland Theological College) focused on the joy theme in Luke-Acts under Michael Bird and the late I.H. Marshall. He has done further studies and research at Moody Bible Institute, the University of Edinburgh, and the Hastings Center for Bioethics. 

Dr. Wenkel has published articles and book reviews in periodicals such as the Scottish Journal of Theology, Biblica, the Biblical Theology Bulletin, Tyndale Bulletin, Irish Biblical Studies, the Expository Times, the Journal of Theological Interpretation and Bibliotheca Sacra. David has presented papers at meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society, Society of Biblical Literature, and the Society for the Study of Theology.

In addition to scholarly articles and research, Dr. Wenkel is an ordained Baptist minister in Des Plaines, Illinois, doing outreach with his wife and family among the Korean immigrant community. 

Current areas of research include short exegetical papers and forthcoming volumes on Luke-Acts for the “Lexham Research Commentary” series with Logos Bible Software.


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