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From: United States

At LCC Since: 2021

Key Areas

  • International relief and development
  • Cross-cultural study
  • Intellectual history of human rights


Andy is married with three children and lives in Indiana where he is a doctoral candidate in non-profit and global studies at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. He holds master's degrees from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Harvard Divinity School, as well as a bachelor of arts in business administration. Prior to doctoral studies, he lived in Rwanda (3 years) and the Dominican Republic (4 years) working in micro-economic development.


“Studying Religiosity and Spirituality: A Review of Macro, Micro, and Meso-Level Approaches;”

LCC author(s): Andrew Williams

Other author(s): Patricia Snell Herzog, David P. King, Rafia A. Khader, Amy Strohmeier

Religions, 2020.

“Cross-Cultural Values: A Meta-Analysis of Major Quantitative Studies in the Last Decade (2010-2020);”

LCC author(s): Andrew Williams

Other author(s): Jamie L. Goodwin, Patricia S. Herzog

Religions, 2020.