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Jones, Ph.D.

Affiliate, Assistant Professor

From: United States

At LCC Since: 2016

Key Areas

  • Philosophy of Communication
  • Rhetoric of Science and Mathematics
  • History and Philosophy of Media Communication


Dr. Jones has worked and studied across the three major divisions of Communication Studies, including rhetoric, interpersonal communication, and performance studies. His early work included political consulting for a state representative in Ohio, serving as artistic director for a venue at the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe, and consulting for both for profit and non-profit organizations in all aspects of communication. During his PhD studies at Louisiana State University, Dr. Jones focused his attention on the rhetoric of inquiry, exploring the history and philosophy of media and communication through his dissertation on Sherlock Holmes as rhetorical equipment for living. At LCC Dr. Jones has enjoyed long conversations with eager students during his office hours on topics ranging from “What can you do with a communication degree?” to “how does Christianity inform communication practice?”


We Are Not Amused: Authenticity as the Media-Metaphor of @realDonaldTrump.

LCC author(s): Andrew Jones, Ph.D.

From the Book edited by R.E. Dentor Studies of Communication in the 2016 Presidential Campaign,Lexington books. , 2018.

The Necessity of Satire in Media Literacy: Stephen Colbert’s Use of Sophistic and Socratic Irony.

LCC author(s): Andrew Jones, Ph.D.

Baltic Journal of Law & Politics, 11:1, 187–207, 2018.