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CFHF Mission

Exists to advance LCC’s mission to provide Christian liberal arts education within a diverse learning community that transforms people for servant leadership by:   


The faculty and student body for academic engagement with important contemporary intellectual voices. 


Scholarly conversations within the disciplines represented at LCC, promoting interdisciplinary dialogue that feeds LCC’s liberal arts model. 


Active and experiential learning outside the seminar room, such as community projects and relationships with regional churches.


Faculty research productivity as well as faculty and student research collaboration. 


The CFHF is informed by LCC’s identity as an international Christian liberal arts university. The CFHF integrates perspectives from all branches of Christianity represented at LCC (and beyond), and promotes dialogue between people of different faiths with respect to all aspects of human flourishing.  


The conception of “flourishing” advanced by the Center for Research in Faith and Human Flourishing is based most fundamentally in the Christian understanding, derived from the Scriptures, of each human person as a valuable individual made in the image of God. This is also consistent with the Western liberal tradition’s focus on the dignity of the individual. Because of the diversity of preferences and individual circumstances, the path to “flourishing” is different for each person and each community. We may conceive of movement toward flourishing on a spectrum between two poles (languishing, and flourishing), with an intermediate stage (surviving). In situations of trauma, poverty, and insecurity, individuals and communities lack physical safety and subsistence, experiencing uncertainty and instability. The path toward flourishing involves a move to a status of “surviving”: security, subsistence, and reasonable expectation of personal safety, including stable protection of rights and some public goods. Once those needs are met, individuals and communities are free to pursue capability, satisfaction, and flourishing.  

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