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International public speaking competition

Applications are due December 23rd, 2020

High school competition

Are you a student in the last 2 years of high school? It's time to prove your English communication and presentation skills.

LCC International University is an American style university based in Klaipeda, Lithuania providing a North American-style education, fully accredited, and the language of instruction is English. Being a truly international university where 75% of all students are international students coming from more than 50 different countries and two thirds of our professors are English speakers from the USA and Canada, LCC International University wants to promote intercultural dialog through the use of English as well as reward students who excel in their studies. 

LCC International University has partnered with schools in Eastern Europe and Central Asia since 2004 and we believe our university is a great place to continue education for many students. In this unpredictable year, and in our gratitude for the cooperation and partnership with schools and educational departments, LCC together with #ListenFirstProject have decided to bring back the International English Public Speaking Competition in a new interactive online format, as a way to motivate students to learn English well, since this international language opens a door to many opportunities for the future.

International acclaim

In order to encourage high school students to be at ease with the English language and gain experience at public speaking, we organize semi-finals and finals in the countries that are listed in the following.

  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Georgia
  • Kazakhstan (New)
  • Kyrgyzstan (New)
  • Moldova
  • Mongolia (New)
  • Ukraine 
  • Russia
  • Latvia
  • Serbia (New)
  • Kosovo (New)
  • Participants must be students of the last two years in high school.
  • Must be citizens of the countries listed above.
  • Each school can delegate ONLY 1 participant and register him/her by filling an online registration form .
12 countries competing

We organize competitions across Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Valuable prize

Win a 650 EUR worth voucher for three-week Summer Language Institute at LCC

“Countless Precious Memories”

LCC was my home away from home for just a few days, but in that time I’ve made countless precious memories and met some of the most amazing people this world has to offer. I will be forever grateful to my roommates who welcomed me so warmly, to the staff who organized the competition and our trip to beautiful Lithuania, and to my opponents who made the competition so memorable and turned the competitive atmosphere into a warm and friendly one. Since my prize is one free semester there, see you soon, LCC!"

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Elizabeth Sarah Vickery
Country of Origin: Armenia
Winner of 2019 International Public Speaking Competition

Theme for 2021

"Listen first: Understand before responding"


Get acquainted with the event requirements and rules in the downable document.

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1 day event

Your presentation will take only 5 minutes, entire events lasts about 3-4 hours

In your country

Depending on country size and demand we might organize in a few cities


The instructions on how to prepare for an online competition will be sent to each participant

Dates & registration

Registration deadline

Registration extended to Dec 30 (closed)

National Competition in Armenia - February 11, 2021

International Group Competition - February 18, 2021

National Competition in Ukraine - February 25, 2021

Final International Public Speaking competition is planned to be held on March 18, 2021

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