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Yuliia Rusianovska: “There is nothing like your time at LCC!”


Yuliia Rusianovska graduated from LCC International University this year and has already started her new adventure on a different part of the globe. After receiving her BA diploma in International Business Administration she started pursuing a masters degree in Media Management at Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University (USA).

During her student years here, in Lithuania, Yuliia engaged herself as an active member of the community, responsible student leader, an ambitious and a creative person.

How are you? How does your life look like after LCC?

I am currently in New York City, finishing my third week of online classes of my MS in Media Management degree at Gabelli School of Business, at Fordham University. The uncertainty of the pandemic has greatly affected the experience but I am happy to be here anyway. This semester I will be helping to organize different events for young media professionals in my university and looking for future internship opportunities.

How does it feel to think that you are not at LCC anymore?

It feels crazy. LCC was such a big part of my life. I think I’m always talking about LCC, my roommates, my residents from my RA times. LCC provides us with lots of care and safety while letting us be adults and take responsibility for our actions, so it’s not as difficult to transition from that to surviving in the world of competition. And frankly speaking, LCC made me appreciate strong values and servant leadership so much, that when looking for a graduate school, those qualities were among the top priorities.

What have you gained from your studies at LCC?

During the 4 years at LCC I had a chance to get involved in various activities and take on leadership roles in some of them which helped me determine my strong skills and future goals. I was learning about teamwork, creative processes and management both inside and outside of the classroom.

The most valuable lesson I learned at LCC is that people are the most valuable asset in every organization. Having talked to many alumni, they always said that people are what creates the real LCC experience, and now looking back, I couldn’t agree more. It is our amazing staff and faculty who share common values and help us grow not only as professionals but also individuals, and it is the students who later become your second family. It has taught me to care about each person I work or interact with.

How does LCC International University encourage leadership and evoke potential in students? Why is it important?

I absolutely agree that LCC does both of these things. Students have the opportunity to work on their own initiatives as a part of student council or independently and they can boost their leadership skills being a part of Leadership Development Program. LCC has the right people to support the students and a great platform to implement the ideas. It only takes a big desire to make a difference. It is very important because such activities help the students grow in both professional and personal ways by applying some of the gained knowledge from the classes, working on a team, challenging themselves and acquiring new skill sets.

As an LCC alumna, please give some advice for 2020 freshmen. What they should know?

I believe that LCC is the place where you can create the experience you want. You can always find the right people to help you implement even the craziest idea or project and also find the resources to get it done. I appreciate that at LCC everyone truly wants you to succeed.

As an alumna, I now see how unique and valuable the LCC experience is. My biggest advice - enjoy every moment of it, good and bad! Create friendships, explore Lithuania and its culture, buy low cost tickets and travel wherever you have a chance, be active and learn beyond the classroom. There is nothing like your time at LCC.

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