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The rhythms of the final month of the academic year are always intense . . . and rewarding. These are the weeks in which we enjoy the longer days and the more frequent walks in the forest. These are the weeks in which we recognize the learning and the transformation that has taken place among our students. These are the weeks in which we are diligent to ensure that we end well.

Thesis Defenses

Our senior thesis (and business plan) defenses are always a highlight. Students as experts in their areas are a compelling example of growth over 4 years. This year we had over 120 defenses – by department, in multiple rooms on multiple days, with classmates encouraging each presenter. Here are a few of the topics from various majors:

A Community of Peacebuilding

As an academic community that values peacebuilding, we claim that peace is everyone’s business. We’ve been together for a year of training, of listening, of dialog, of building awareness, of studying diplomacy, of understanding Jesus’ commandment to love one another.

We are grateful for the global LCC community . . . for YOU! We have been able to navigate the complexities of this academic year because we know that we are part of an extended community of support.

Thank You

Thank you for joining us in our mission “to provide Christian liberal arts education in a diverse learning community that transforms people for servant leadership.” Our students are blessed by your involvement from near and far.

Your Financial Gift Encourages Us

We are humbled by the ways that God uses the global LCC community to offer encouragement. Just as many others, we too are stretched by 17% inflation and excessively high utility bills. We know we cannot pass those expenses on to students who come from countries that are experiencing much worse economic and political crises. And so we strategize, and plan, and adjust, and develop. And we are grateful for every gift that helps us meet our goals.

May God bless you . . . as you continue to bless others around the world through the work of LCC.

Marlene Wall, President

LCC International University

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