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Why a newsletter? Why another newsletter? To communicate.


Communication is a fundamental part of our lives - it connects us.  We learn through communication – we bond through it – we need it.  During the self-isolation forced upon us during Covid, we learned that lack of communication can have harmful effects, so we found new ways to communicate.  With the internet and technology that we have today, we can talk real-time with someone half-way around the world – what a wonderful thing!

This newsletter will be a way that we can communicate about issues relating to education, international management, the global workplace, LCC International University, and other topics that might be important to you. As we all know, two-way communication is better than one-way communication. With that in mind, I welcome suggestions for newsletter topics. If there is something of interest to you, and you would like information or research about it, contact me at and I will do my best to provide the detail you want.

A New Year for the MA IM

We started a new academic year in August, with many fresh ideas and a few changes. We welcomed a new Academic Vice President at LCC, Dr. Christopher Howard, who will lead the MA IM into the future. LCC International University Welcomes New Academic Vice President

We will be looking towards the future as we continually work to enhance the MA IM program. One opportunity will be the growth of NGOs and the role that they will play in rebuilding Ukraine and other areas of the world that have experienced turmoil or disasters. 

Our students have lived through difficulties that other living generations might not have experienced – Covid, forced isolation, wars in their countries, political turmoil, natural disasters. The world is different today than it was just one generation ago, and what students need and want is unique.  What businesses want and need in employees, and how they should operate has changed. 

We will keep these new and current needs in mind as we consider how the MA IM can help not only our students, but their employers, their countries, and the international community.

I welcome your input!

Author: Donna Falloon, PhD, MA IM Program Director at LCC International University

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