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Wheelchair Basketball Game


What does the life of a person with a disability look like? What are the challenges people with disabilities face? Is there any way I could help? These were some of the questions discussed yesterday at a panel discussion after the Wheelchair Basketball game. The game was organized by a proactive group of LCC students called Story In My Eyes, the LCC Moose Basketball, and the wheelchair basketball team, Atrama, from Vilnius. The game was to support for people with disabilities. The Moose players experienced the game from the perspective of an athlete in a wheelchair. Later, both teams moved to Neumann Lobby and participated in a panel discussion about the life of para-athletes.

Eduard Andreev from Story in My Eyes, shared, “We are trying to combat prejudice towards people with disabilities. We are grateful to LCC Moose Basketball team for helping us out so much. Through this fantastic game and the panel discussion, we were able to help our peers see the world from a different perspective. I hope we promoted a better integration of people with disabilities, especially in a university environment.”

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