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What Should I Say? Inventing your Arguments by Andrew Jones


The Art of Public Speaking
LCC Inside: Meet. Question. Experience.

December 10 and December 12
16:00, Neufeld Auditorium
LCC International University

We invite high school students and teachers to a series of open lectures LCC Inside: Meet. Question. Experience. where university instructors will present on interesting topics and invite students to participate in follow up discussions.

This time LCC Inside lectures will be related to the art of public speaking.
“Public speaking is one of the most feared activities in the world, but with a little practice and some practical tips, you can master the basics of analysis, organization, and delivery. These workshops are aimed at helping you master the basics of impromptu public speaking. We will teach you how to identify a thesis, organize key points, and present your argument."

Please join us in December for two lectures by our Communication Department Professor Andrew Jones. Andrew Jones has worked in a variety of academic and professional environments. As Artistic Director of Rocket Venues, Andrew programmed 75 different shows (with over 1,000 individual performances) as part of the world’s largest performing arts festival, the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe. Andrew also coached a nationally ranked Public Speaking team, sharing with them his expertise in communication. After returning to university in 2008, Andrew completed both an MA and PhD in Communication Studies. His teaching and publication focuses on political communication and media culture in a digital age.

To register for the event please follow the link:

December 10th —What Should I Say? Inventing your arguments and arranging your points in impromptu public speaking.

Individual high school students, groups from schools and teachers are invited to attend!

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