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What is a BA in Theology?


We are excited to present a BA degree in Theology! Join us for an online webinar led by Dr. Steve van Zanen, a Theology Department Chair. The webinar will be happening online on Monday, June 22, at 16:00. Link to register for the webinar:

A major in evangelical theology prepares students to make thoughtful and skillful contributions to the cause of Christ within and beyond the local Church. Courses in Biblical studies, theology and philosophy provide depth and background while those in Christian life and ministry prepare students for spiritual leadership.

LCC’s international and interdenominational character makes it an exceptional place to study theology. You will be interacting with fellow students from all over Eastern Europe and Central Asia as well as some from North America and other parts of the world. They come to LCC from a variety of religious traditions providing a stimulating learning environment. Meanwhile, the theology department faculty is deeply committed to the authority of the Bible and its application to all areas of life. They seek to mentor students toward spiritual as well as intellectual growth.

Graduates engage in many kinds of ministry both in local churches and through Christian organizations which seek to serve the community. Many graduates have found that they were well prepared for master’s programs. They may also take positions in education, business and the many roles in which religious values offer a strong foundation for success.

Here's what our students have to say about being Theology students and graduates.

“While choosing a university I had three things in mind: diversity; acceptance for all people regardless of their religion, color or nationality; and affordability. The student testimonials videos on the website showed me that LCC International University had that all I was looking for. I am thankful to God that I am in a place where I am not only getting my academic education but also learning servant leadership. The academic environment is challenging but also encouraging. As a Theology Major, I am enjoying the opportunity to learn about the Word of God, and how to present His teachings in more vivid ways. One thing I especially like is how students are encouraged to give their opinion freely. The teaching staff and faculty are always ready to help and to encourage the students in a positive direction. In the future, I want to pursue a career in Human Rights. I am glad LCC International University is helping me by laying a foundation of love, hope, courage and sound knowledge, " - shared Robin Mubarik, Evangelical Theology Major.

“I was a stubborn young Ukrainian who thought he knows everything. LCC gave me perspective, taught me humility and openness, equipped me with lifelong tools and values, and created a space for me to build meaningful relationships with people all over the world. After graduation, I did missionary work internationally, became a teacher, went to study in one of the best theological grad schools in North America, moving 11 000km away from home. This tiny campus in Klaipėda has a weird unexplainable tendency to drastically change lives if you allow it to," - Alex Rubel, Theology Graduate, 2016.

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