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What is a BA in Psychology?


LCC is starting new webinar sessions with LCC faculty, students, and alumni! We're excited to present this unique chance for everyone who wants to learn more about BA programs that LCC offers.

The first webinar is going to happen on May 18, at 16:00 on the topic "What is a BA in Psychology? With Dr. Julija Gaiduk". Before you join our webinar session, Dr. Wayne Norman, Psychology Department Chair shared some of the important notes about this particular program.

"The most important aspect of the Psychology program at LCC is that we provide you with a good academic understanding of the field of psychology. About 50% of our psychology graduates go on to complete a graduate degree in various areas of psychology. The reason so many are able to do this is because we aim to prepare students to take that next step to graduate school if that is what they choose to do. A Master's degree in psychology opens up many career opportunities.

At LCC psychology students take courses in all of the major areas of psychology -- biopsychology, cognition, human development, personality, social psychology, applied psychology (such as clinical or counseling psychology), and research methods. They learn how to conduct research and critically analyze research done by others. This program prepares you for many options in careers and in graduate school. Psychology graduates can work in many areas including clinical or counseling psychology, social work, human resources, marketing, basic and applied psychological research, and teaching.

A few of the popular courses in Psychology at LCC are Stress Management where students learn about the causes of stress and prevention and stress-reduction strategies. Abnormal Psychology is another popular course in which students learn about the causes, diagnosis, treatment, prevention strategies, and controversies about major psychological disorders. In the Marriage and Family course students study psychological and sociological research on intimate, marriage, and family relationships including the problems that marriages and families face during various stages of family life."

We're looking forward to meeting you on our webinars!

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