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What is a BA in English Language and Literature?


We are excited to present a BA degree in English Language and Literature! Join us for an online webinar led by Dr. Robin Gingerich, an English Department Chair. The webinar will be happening online on Monday, June 15, at 16:00. Link to register for the webinar:

Dr. Robin Gingerich, the English Language and Literature Department, shared some of her thoughts on why one should choose the BA in English. "Language has power! Language has the power to promote ideas and offer opportunities. Language has the power to persuade, to teach, and to sustain. Come study with us; we aim to empower you to achieve your goals in fields of literature, translation, and teaching.

Open your mind to cultures, concepts, and ideas through narratives in international literature courses. Consider modern intellectual questions of race and identity in media and film courses. Be prepared for graduate school by developing a strong background in critical theories, textual analysis, and writing skills.

Jobs abound in the field of translation and interpretation. Our global world demands bright minds who are fully multilingual and who understand the nuances of words and rhetoric. Learn to translate simple texts well and then develop your skills by working in a translation agency. Take courses in audiovisual translation and sociolinguistics to learn how discourse analysis, pragmatics, and politics all play roles in subtitling and dubbing in movies.

Challenge yourself to positively impact our world; become a language teacher. The world needs creative, ingenious, and brave people to teach tomorrow’s leaders; consider teaching children. Our global world depends on common languages for business; consider teaching adults. Come and be inspired by teachers who are passionate about developing meaningful, student-centered lessons. Learn from great teachers; be inspired to make an impact through teaching.

Our world needs English language specialists, whose skills help to facilitate the social, cultural, and economic mobility demanded of citizens in open societies. Our graduates excel in a variety of careers in research, business, government, education, publishing, entertainment, and communications."

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