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Wamulundy Simwinga: Being a part of an international community means being respectful to the views of others.


Say hi to Wamulundy - the Fall 2021 Junior from Zambia! He has come all this way to LCC to pursue his education in Business Administration. Being able to play basketball with the Moose team and study with other international peers by the sea, especially coming from a land-locked country, makes LCC the perfect place for him.

In a family of sisters and a brother, Wamulundy is the youngest one of five. In Zambia, a middle-class family can have the things they need and want, even if it isn’t always easy. Learning to work hard for things fostered Wamulundy’s determination. He also grew up being very adventurous. He shares that he has tried a few different activities like dancing, football, and skating, although none of them stuck with this tall teenager. People around him suggested he try basketball, and at 14, fell in love with the sport. “Actually, when I was 14, some of my friends started doing drugs,'' shares Wamulundy. Concentrating on the sport and cutting off toxic friends kept this aspiring player from temptations and likely saved his life in the long run. For Wamulundy, the sport is not just an activity he enjoys, but rather it’s also an activity he is thankful for. “If it weren’t for basketball, I wouldn’t be here,” he says.

Basketball also brought this Zambian student to LCC, although not in the way most would expect. Originally Wamulundy wanted to study in the United States, but that plan didn’t work out. He then made a video being upfront that he was looking for a university where he could join affordable studies with the sport. The Moose Basketball coach, Marius Tamolis, happened to see the video and contacted him, informing him about all LCC has to offer. This was exciting news, as he knew that Lithuania had a rich basketball culture. LCC, also being a distinctly a North American style university, further influenced Wamulundy to come.

Now, Wamulundy will be a Junior in the Fall of 2021. In his time here the international community particularly stands out to him. “We come from different places and we believe in different things. If we judge each other, we’ll bring no good relationships and no good will come out of it.” He also adds that in his two years at LCC, he has learned how to be more respectful of others’ opinions and views. Wamulundy remarks that Zambia is a rather multicultural country as well. There are numerous Muslims and even Hindus living in his home country, although he grew up Christian, as many Zambians do, since Christianity was brought by the British colonial forces. 

The Business Administration major shares that after the studies at LCC are concluded, he plans to develop his career back home in this multicultural setting in Zambia. Wamulundy is particularly interested in logistics, although he has many other business ideas he wants to develop in order to help his community back home. 

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