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Tomorrow's Fashion Business: What to Expect?


We are proud to present an event “Tomorrow’s Fashion Business: What to Expect?” in cooperation with Klaipėdos Kulturos Fabrikas. Our guest speaker is Arnoldas Remeika, a fashion expert with experience in fashion management and strategy, public relations, media and publishing.

The fashion industry is making rapid progress like never before: redrawing the capitals of fashion, changing the habits of shoppers, revolutionary materials, trends in artificial intelligence, and designers coupled with the help of physicists and architects. The shopping experience is about to become a real adventure!

Meet Arnoldas and learn about the fundamental changes taking place in contemporary fashion. Learn how the fashion product is created, marketed and used today. Learn how these processes will change in the future and the challenges and incredible opportunities we as fashion designers, retailers and consumers face today and will face going forward.

Arnoldas is a fashion analyst with diverse experience in the fashion business (strategy, sales, communication, magazine publication). He earned a Masters degree in Public Relations, as an Integrated Communication major. Arnoldas is currently developing an educational project, "Understanding Fashion" (Viešoji įstaiga "Suprasti madą") and is a co-founder of the Fashion Business Institute. He teaches in the Costume Design Department at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, continues to write one of the first Bomberis fashion blogs in Lithuania, advises local fashion entrepreneurs, and has worked as an editor-in-chief at L'Officiel Lithuania, Lithuania’s only fashion magazine. Arnoldas writes also for Happiness magazine and He has been testing his skills as a product developer, and recently his mini-collection of men's coats co-created with the brand "inAVATI" has reached the Lithuanian market.

The “Tomorrow’s Fashion Business: What to Expect?” event will take place in Klaipėda on October 10th at 18:30, at Kulturos Fabrikas. Everyone is welcome to come have an open chat about the fashion industry and its future.

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