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Study Abroad cohort end of the semester


This Fall 2019 semester, LCC welcomed a cohort of twelve Study Abroad students. Although each came from a different school in the U.S., the Study Abroad students blended very well into the international community of LCC. As the semester is coming to an end and LCC students bid adieu to their friends, for Study Abroad students these goodbyes are slightly different. As mentioned by Kiera Conkle: “As a Study Abroad student, these goodbyes are a little bit harder. It is like saying goodbye to a family that you have become so comfortable with during the last four months.” This semester was filled with adventures, travels, new friendships, and enriching academic activities that definitely left a mark in the lives of Study Abroad students. One of the many pieces of advice given by Morgan Kaper: “Make an effort to branch out. Get involved in clubs and go to football and basketball games. Spend time cooking meals and hanging out in the dorm kitchen together. Go out with your roommates on a Friday night. Spend time doing things you would never do back home because this semester is one for growth.”

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