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Sofio Rukhadze: “LCC is the reason, I am where I am today”


Sofio Rukhadze has recently graduated from LCC International University under the unique circumstances of the worldwide pandemic. During her student years, Sofio was an active member of the community, involved in many different projects and activities, but also worked as an Admissions Office Leader at LCC. Shortly after graduation, Sofio moved to Berlin and began a new chapter of life as a Public Relations and Marketing Intern at Luisa Catucci Gallery.

How does your life look like since graduating LCC?

At the moment, I am doing my Erasmus+ Internship in Berlin, Germany. I work as a Public Relations and Marketing intern at the Luisa Catucci Gallery. My internship here will last for three months and I am enjoying every moment of it.

How did LCC help you to get to where you are now?

The experience that I had at LCC in terms of working and what we were doing in classes helped me to develop my critical thinking skills as well as work ethics. My first real job in the Communication field was at LCC in the Corporate Communications Office as an Assistant. This job position allowed me to gain some insights into what I would like to pursue in the future and the importance of proper communication. The leadership positions at LCC helped me to develop my interpersonal communication, which is crucial in the sphere of Marketing and Public Relations.

What were your interests at LCC?

During my freshman and sophomore years, I was involved in many different projects and activities, but primarily I was working as an Admissions Office Leader at LCC. It was an amazing experience that allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and interact with various people, while promoting LCC. During my third year, I started working as an Assistant in the Corporate Communications Office while being an Erasmus+ Intern. I loved being busy and tried to be as active as I could. I also really enjoy photography and had a great time taking pictures for the yearbook, which led me to take up the position of the Chief Editor during my senior year.

What are your main takeaways from being a part of the LCC community?

Being a part of LCC allowed me to grow in a diverse community among people with different cultural backgrounds and beliefs. Now, I can proudly say that I have friends all around the world and cannot wait to see them all again. LCC has also provided me with all the possible tools and support for my professional and personal growth. I took many exciting and useful classes taught by inspiring and encouraging professors. Taking up leadership positions taught me how to communicate ethically, how to work in stressful situations, and helped me to improve my management skills.

How have you changed over the short period of time since your graduation?

Over these few months since my graduation, I have begun to understand that it is completely ok to not have your life planned out by the minute. It is ok to be spontaneous in some situations and there is no need to be upset if something does not happen the way you wanted it to be. My life has taken a completely different turn than I was hoping for, and it turned out even better than I expected. I still plan my life, because this is just who I am. However, now I take on everything with a smile, realizing every change can lead to an even greater opportunity.

What advice would you give to current students at LCC?

I would like to encourage every student to be as active as possible during their time at LCC. These four years are meant for you to explore your interests and possibilities. Don't just waste time hiding in your rooms! Sign up for volunteering, meet new people, get involved in any activity that you are interested in! Speaking from my own experience, making connections and building your network is something that can greatly benefit you in the future, especially when looking for internship opportunities after graduation. You never know which connection will bring something cool and exciting to your life or maybe you can be an important connection in another person’s life. If you don’t believe me, trust in Dr. Jones and his mantra that “Communication is the key!” Do not get upset with some troubles you may face along the way, be resilient, and have faith in yourself despite any negative or unfortunate circumstances.

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