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Rimas Rusinas: “LCC has helped me to develop and enhance my leadership skills.”


Rimas Rusinas is an experienced Terminal Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the natural gas, oil, and energy industry. He comes from Lithuania and graduated in 2019 from the LCC International University’s International Management Master’s program. Rimas shared his memories about his time at LCC and his current job in AB Klaipedos Nafta.

You graduated in 2019 from LCC International University with a Master’s degree in the International Management program. Why was LCC your choice?

I took some steps forward in my career and also noticed that I have good skills in resolving technical problems and coming up with technical solutions. However, I lacked some knowledge in leadership and in the field of economics, mainly dealing with finances and calculations. Hence, I looked for ways and opportunities to improve my skills around these areas and after some research, I found LCC International University. The North American style of education and the program were the two most compelling reasons why I chose to study for my Master’s at LCC. It was a very good decision!

How did the experience of studying at LCC contribute to your former and current career?

Some time ago, the company I worked for underwent some major changes. Due to these changes, my boss extended an invitation to me to become a Director where I would be responsible to manage a big department. This was a new role for me and was quite challenging. Nevertheless, I am happy I got to experience a different role with many responsibilities as I was challenged to grow and learn more. Studying at LCC helped me to develop and enhance my leadership skills and the ability to supervise and direct a department on my own.

What are the most valuable experiences and memories that you carry from your Master's program at LCC?

During my studies at LCC, I had the chance to travel to the United States and visit various companies there. I was impressed and amazed by their way of leading and by the community they created. For example, during their free time, the employees would gather and spend time together painting some community houses. The company seemed to care less about efficiency and more about the employees. Furthermore, I realized that building a community was very significant and crucial and that really amazed me. I could also say that LCC is the same in that sense. Community is definitely a crucial part of LCC.

Currently, you are performing the role of the LNG Terminal Operations Manager. How did you find yourself in this field? What do you find most challenging and exciting about your job?

I recall a story when the company I worked for decided to construct the LNG Terminal and I was invited to the team as an Operation Manager. The project was very hard because my team members and I did not have much experience in the field. My bosses invested in me and the others because they knew we could do it. We also kept pushing ourselves to learn more through this challenging task. There are multiple other examples where I was encouraged by my colleagues and team members to learn more and to step into a role that was new and stretched my capacities. These new experiences were challenging, yet exciting at the same time. I am always seeking new ways to challenge myself because this leads to growth and learning. I have never been a fan of routine and my bosses seem to realize this too. They know that if there are no challenges or new issues, there will be no Rimas.

How would you describe your personal mantra or slogan?

One thing that I learned from the Master’s program at LCC, and also from the trip to the United States, is that it is alright to make mistakes. We should learn from mistakes and always try our best to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. I am always learning from my own, and from my teammates’ mistakes, as well as from the process during a project. My mantra would be to allow yourself to make mistakes and try your best afterward, to not repeat them.

What does a day in your life look like?

My day starts with two meetings; short meetings with board members for approximately 10-15 minutes and then regular daily meetings with my department. There are also other meetings with different departments. The first three days of the week are the most important and the busiest as we discuss the implementation of different ideas and business plans. Apart from these meetings, we also have training sessions I participate in. The last few days of the week, we usually visit places and get into the details of our projects.

What advice would you give to LCC students?

My advice would be to take every single opportunity to learn. Everyone faces different challenges along the way but grab every opportunity to learn something new. Think outside the box. If you only think inside of the box, that’s how you will stay - even in your career.

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