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Public Media and Censorship in Lithuania


On Friday, February 15, LCC hosted the editor of online news portal “Atvira Klaipeda” - Martynas Vainorius. The lecture on Public Media and Censorship in Lithuania was organized by the Beware Club, which is run entirely by LCC students. During the lecture, Martynas Vainorius shared his passion for journalism and told the story of how “Atvira Klaipeda” was founded. M. Vainorius shared all the details of how “Atvira Klaipeda” works in this field and most importantly how it survives thanks to donations from their readers and various business. The news portal writes about various events in Klaipeda in a transparent and relevant way. “Being a journalist was my dream since I was 19. It is my mission and I do not know what I could do better. No matter what happens to our news portal, I will still be proud of it” - Martynas Vainorius.

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