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Professor Andrew Jones: Expanding LCC’s Academic Network


During the fall break, while others were trying to get as much rest as possible, Professor Andrew Jones visited three conferences connected to communications, research, and Erasmus.

First conference in Lugano, Switzerland, was a European Communication Research Association conference where A. Jones had a chance to meet and work with colleagues from different cities, among which there were representatives from other Baltic cities as well: Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius. During the conference it was established that the topic of communication and audience perception studies is growing rapidly in its development in the Baltic region. The idea of communication is different here in Europe from that in the U.S., so, as Andrew notes, it was nice to see Lithuania being at the forefront of the conversation in philosophy of communication.

Later, A. Jones travelled to another conference where he met Robert T. Craig, a communication theorist from University of Colorado, U.S., whose topics of research cover the traditions of communication and its theoretical foundations. In these conferences, A. Jones and his fellow colleagues in Communications field, were expanding the motion of what it means to talk about communication, how that conversation is opening in Europe, and what it means for scholars who work in the communication field in terms of publishing, writing and research.

To wrap up his academic endeavors, A. Jones went to Lille, France where he got to meet former Erasmus students from LCC and as a part of his cultural exchange program, got a chance to talk about intersections of cultures in Lille and how it is connected to Belgium, Germany, and France. A. Jones also met with colleagues from Dania, Georgia, Belgium, Vilnius and others.

As A. Jones said: “This trip opened up new doors for the future collaboration with scholars in Europe. It was wonderful to see that LCC has a really strong connection point in terms of what communication means in a world where communication is at a premium.”

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