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Self-isolation can be a fun and memorable experience!


Two weeks without any contact with other people. It is prohibited to go for a walk or to sit in a café. All of the self-isolation experiences people have, they usually hope to forget as soon as possible. However, students at LCC International University are breaking that well-established view that self-isolation is a grim experience that you hope to forget.

“During the self-isolation, we still had the opportunity to stay active. The university organized various challenges, remote meetings and lectures, and even events to join online. Tea and coffee were safely and carefully delivered to us daily, and pre-ordered meals also arrived to the isolation rooms. I am very grateful to the university for keeping up to date with the COVID-19 situation, and for the hard work of the staff and volunteers in making our lives as easy as possible during this period,” said Inna Pulaj, sophomore from Albania. LCC freshman Yuliia Odynets from Ukraine agreed saying,“ from the very first day I was pleasantly surprised how we were taken care of. Even with the wearing of masks and gloves, keeping a safe distance, any short conversations always warmed my heart. I am very grateful to every university employee and volunteer for always being there whenever we needed something.”

LCC International University admitted over a hundred students to the residence halls, such as Inna and Yuliia, who needed to isolate themselves for two weeks after arriving in Lithuania. They are still awaiting the arrival of many more additional students. During the 14-day period of self-isolation, over 10 volunteers and university staff take care of their nutrition and well-being. Students can order food plans from the university cafeteria, as well as order food delivery from other city cafes and even have groceries delivered with a help from LCC staff.

“So far, numerous activities have been organized for students who have been in self-isolation. We invited students to take a step challenge. The winner from Ukraine took more than 104,000 steps in a week in her room. Students were also invited to take on a push-up challenge, the winner of which was a student from the USA who completed 31 push-ups. Students are encouraged to use the virtual library and read e-books or choose a physical book that a volunteer will bring and leave at the door of their room. The university chaplain takes care of the students mental and spiritual state, and the university psychologist invites them for personal consultations remotely as well. We will continue to involve students in self-isolation in various activities,” said Margarita Pavlovič, Vice-President of Student Life at LCC International University.

LCC International University has been accepting students who need self-isolation since early August. Students from Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Ireland, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, USA, and from a few other countries have completed their 14-days and some still continue self-isolation in the residence halls. LCC has once again shown their excellence in care and prioritizing student's well being, and helping all to have fun in the process of caring for each other.

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