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Open Lecture with Dr. Brent Purkaple


September 16th, LCC International University hosted an open lecture titled, “Science or Christianity, which is true?” The lecture included an open discussion between three speakers: our guest speaker, Dr. Brent Purkaple, from the University of Oklahoma; Dr. Michael Cox, a Theology professor at LCC; and Dr. Jennifer Schneider from the Department of Social Sciences at LCC. The discussion tackled an important issue of science and Christianity and how they are often pitted against one another but do not necessarily need to be. During the lecture, the audience had the opportunity to raise questions related to the topic for further discussion.

One attendee re-stated an interesting point from the discussion. The proposition that rather than science and Christianity being in opposition to each other, it was suggested that they can both exist. Instead of a "pie" type graph where one slice diminishes as the other increases; Dr. Cox said, "we have the wrong dessert." The two can be instead like layers of cake, each existing within its layer, full and complete and stacked upon each other. With that in mind, it was encouraged that throughout the learning and educational experience, all should make a point to stop and explore those layers and "the filling in-between".

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