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Open lecture by Dr. Jamin Andreas Hübner


Yesterday, November 26, LCC hosted an open lecture by Dr. Jamin Andreas Hübner, a research fellow at the Center for Faith and Human Flourishing. Dr. Hübner presented his work titled "But Does it Work?: Critical and Pragmatic Reconstructions of Religious Identity," which raised many questions from the audience. Dr. Hübner researched how religious conceptual and symbolic frameworks provide meaning, purpose, and ethical orientation to individuals and communities. Another important question the research tackled is what unique opportunities there are in addressing this problem in post-totalitarian and post-modern communities that have to rebuild their religious identity from the rubble. These questions proved to be an important discussion after the presentation where the audience had a chance to explore the work of Dr. Hübner. We are proud to have such bright researchers as part of our institution.

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