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Online webinar about BA in Contemporary Communication


We are excited to present a BA degree in Contemporary Communication! Join us for an online webinar led by Dr. Michael Finch, Contemporary Communication Department Chair. The webinar will be happening online on Monday, May 25th, at 16:00. Link to register for the webinar:

"Contemporary Communication will give you a degree that goes beyond powerful foundational concepts and theories to gives you practical skills informed by theory for your professional 'tool belt' to set you apart from recent graduates of other universities," shared Dr. Finch.

"This degree will make you 'future-ready' in that you will have a deep understanding of the concepts and practices for one of the top skills employers are looking for in a new hire: communication. You will be able to think critically in a complex world and have the practical skills to apply your knowledge. You will be a part of a student community of like-minded creative, forward-thinking, globally-minded students who dare to engage in the ever-changing world of communication studies. You will have international faculty teaching cutting edge concepts and practices who are not only scholars, but who also care about their students in a way that is unique to LCC.
We look forward to meeting you soon!"

Some things our students and graduates say about a BA in Contemporary Communication:

"This program helped me comprehend reality in a better, more objective, and holistic way; it enabled me to recognize propaganda and persuasion, to look at issues from multiple sides, to know how the art of rhetoric works or what possible impact social networking can have on society as well as on individuals," - Linas Vaicekauskas, 2020 alumn.

"This major helps you explore insights of different communication styles that were invisible for you before. You become a better communicator, think critically, look at the problem from different angles, and most importantly, apply your skills in different fields including PR, Journalism, and marketing," - Sofio Rukhadze, 2020 alumna.

"I absolutely loved the program, because you not only learn how to communicate and why you communicate in certain ways but the philosophical meaning and discussion behind it," - Lėja Jakštaitė, 2019 alumna.

"Being a communication student is wonderful! At first, you may think you have to learn way too much and feel sorry for yourself. However, later you understand that it's incredibly useful in all aspects of life," - Yelyzaveta Nechytailo, senior.

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