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Marharyta Smolenska: From SLI to LCC


Marharyta Smolenska is one of the Ukrainian students who decided to come back to the LCC Summer Language Institute (SLI) for a second time this summer. Marharyta’s desire to study at a North American university made her choose LCC for her future education.

Marharyta, how did you find out about SLI?
A couple of years ago, one of my friends and LCC alumna 2018, Katya Gults, told me about SLI, and after consulting with my father who is helping me out, I decided to become a part of the program last year. This summer is my second time at SLI. Next year, when I graduate from high-school, I am planning to return again, but already as a Contemporary Communication student at LCC.

Could you tell us more about your decision to come to study at LCC as a full time BA student?
It is important for me that LCC is a university that upholds Christian values. Also, I think that being a student at an international university gives one a unique experience and therefore opens up more opportunities for the future. In regards to SLI, the sense of community the program encaptures, makes me feel very comfortable and happy here. People here are very nice and friendly, and that is why I am excited to study at LCC after I graduate from high school.

You mentioned you would like to study Contemporary Communication here at LCC. Why this program in particular?
I always wanted to work with a camera and that is why I am interested in the film industry. When I learned how to use my camera, I started working as a News producer and as a local news anchor and created a YouTube channel for my church. I enjoy working with people and showing their personalities through my camera. Therefore, I think Contemporary Communication program would provide me with the knowledge and practical skills I am interested in and would like to invest myself in.

Could you please share more about your SLI experience this summer?
In Ukraine, we have a different approach to teaching in high-schools. We study English for years, but we do not practice applying it in real-life situations. Last year, when I came to SLI, I got to practice my spoken English for the first time ever. This year, even though I have a lot of homework, I feel that everything I study is useful for me. I enjoy the Global Issues class. Thanks to this class, now I have a better understanding of current events that happen around the world. I also got to practice a healthier lifestyle by working out and jogging in the evenings with my friends.

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