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LRT Visits LCC Campus


Yesterday, LRT, a Lithuanian national TV channel, visited the LCC campus interviewing LCC students, staff and faculty who decided to stay in Lithuania during the quarantine. During the interview by LRT journalists, LCC students shared how proud they were to witness how Lithuania has been dealing with the crisis. One of the faculty members interviewed was Rob Bethke, a lecturer at LCC International University who came to teach under the Fulbright program funded by the U.S. government. Although he was urged to return to the United States by the U.S. Embassy in Vilnius, he requested to stay in Lithuania.

Rob shared, "We appreciate the concern expressed by the Embassy staff for American citizens abroad, but our family has decided to stay here in Lithuania and continue to support the LCC community during this pandemic. Although we have family in the U.S. and we are concerned for them, we also have gained new ‘family members’ in Klaipėda and we want to be here for them as well. We feel that we are safe in Lithuania and that we still have more to contribute to this community during the crisis.”

LRT representatives were impressed by how the LCC community reacted to the crisis situation, prepared for isolation, and even managed to celebrate Easter together.

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