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Living With Fragile Identities Conference: A Journey of Insight


LCC International University had the pleasure of hosting the Living With Fragile Identities (LWFI) conference from February 28th to March 3rd. It was marked by Dr. Duncan Morrow's captivating address on the nuanced dynamics of identity. Morrow, who visited from Northern Ireland, underscored identity as a relational, whole-body experience woven into human stories.

The day unfolded with workshops probing around different themes of the conference related to communication and harm led by Giedrė Norman, Naomi DeBoer,  Rianna Isaak-Krauß, Snezana Anđelić,  Thobekile Ncube and Danisa Ndlovu, culminating in a captivating theater experience led by Raffi Feghali, a Lebanese peacebuilder. Feghali guided participants through introspective discussions and solo performances, prompting them to delve into their own identities.

Day two unveiled perspectives from the Baltic States and Post-Yugoslavia, alongside a poignant peace vigil where participants voiced hopes and concerns through a Taize song and a prayer. The conference hummed with dialogue and exchange, leaving attendees eager for more enriching conversations. The day ended with another theatre experience led by Feghali, where he engaged the audience in crafting and making meaning of stories together. 

As participants delved into day three, insightful talks around perspectives from religion were given by Tricia Van Dyk and María León-Olarte, among others, complemented by excursions to Šilutė and Klaipeda old town, offering historical and cultural insights into Lithuania. On the last day of the conference, Duncan Morrow spoke of the opportunities for peacebuilding and nurturing hope in the face of violence and challenged participants to remember that “peace is not owned by one side or the other, it is something we do between each other”  as “we live in the complexity of relationships where the measure of peace is the quality of relationships we have with each other”. Speakers discussed elements of power creating fragility, and participants reflected on the profound discussions and connections forged. From engaging speeches to interactive workshops, the LWFI peace conference was a testament to the power of dialogue and asking important questions. 

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our speakers, facilitators, sponsors, partners, volunteers, and staff for their contributions to the conference's success. As attendees departed, they were encouraged to carry forward the spirit of inquiry and connection fostered at LWFI, aiming for a more compassionate and inclusive world.

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