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LCC To Host Art Workshop


Join us for an art workshop with Lithuanian artist - Martynas Pekarskas.

This art workshop event is open to everyone and will take place on Monday, February 24, at LCC in Kaminskiene at 17:00.

During the art workshop, the participants will learn more about Martynas and his art, his painting processes, and what inspires him. Everyone will have a unique chance to try and paint with Martynas’s keen guidance.

Martynas Pekarskas was born in Kintai in 1994. He started his life of art in 2003, attending the Kintai Children’s Art School. Later on, he continued his education at Klaipėdos Eduardas Balsys High School of Art. Martynas completed both his BA and MA degrees at Vilnius Academy of Arts MTSK Fresco in the Mosaic department.

Martynas has presented his works at personal exhibitions in various places, including Vilnius, Klaipėda, Kintai, London, and others.

About Martynas:

Painting with “oil on canvas” I see as a work.

Painting with “water on paper” I see as a meditation.

In my exhibition, “Water on Paper,” I present a collection of works executed with ink, watercolor, and coffee. These are mediums I prefer for my daily rituals because the process is fast and simple, not demanding, but highly rewarding and very suitable to get away from the heavy oil painted canvas I usually work with. I like to choose a concert or musical performance and perform along with the musicians on the stage. With a piece of paper, I can leave my creative mark on the format of the performance. To do this, I try to stop thinking and simply do my best because I have only one opportunity with this performing musician. I avoid correcting any mistakes in these pictures, I prefer to leave it as it comes through, as a document which represents a particular moment in time during my life. That is why the spirit in which I bring my work is more important than the final result of the picture. My aim is to separate the echoes from all of the worldly voices from the ones which comes out of cosmos, the inner me, the echoes that are led by the will of God. At the beginning of a piece it is hard to leave everything behind, but through the results of these practices one can see its life’s journey stage after stage.

My name is Martynas Pekarskas (1994). I’m a Lithuanian young generation artist, born in a town called Kintai. I spent my life in different parts of Lithuania and it keeps me wondering, from the East to the West, even now. At Kintai, I work in the “Kintai Arts” residency for artists. Meanwhile, most of my work is being done at the studio located in Vilnius. In describing my work, I prefer to say that I render surrounding images into pictures of the flat surface.

My work is aimed to formulate existential questions, by which I look for a way to communicate with the spectator about paradoxes and absurd events, which all of us witness in our everyday lives.

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