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In late December 2019, a group of 11 representatives from LCC participated in Revive Europe 2019 in Karlsruhe, Germany. Revive Europe is similar to the well-known Urbana Missions Conference in the United States. It is focused on Christian university students to encourage them in their faith, have them network with other Christians, and equip them to understand and share their faith. It happens once every 3 years. The event included 3000 participants from over 60 countries. Participants from LCC represented Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Poland, Ukraine, and the USA.

JoAnn Klandrud (LCC’s Intercultural Coordinator) and Gretchen Ketner (LCC’s Director of the English Center) attended the conference together with the LCC students.

JoAnn and Gretchen, could you please share your experience at the Revive Europe 2019 event?

: I wanted to know what else was happening among Christian students in Europe. I went to Urbana when I was a student and wanted LCC students to have a chance to experience something similar. As the Intercultural Coordinator, I also wanted Christian students to be exposed to the international and multicultural church. In Europe, this event is an even more unique experience since it represented over 60 nations and languages!

A few LCC students gave up part of their Christmas break to spend time growing in their faith. While at the conference, students commented that they didn’t know there were so many young Christians in Europe, and what an impactful experience it was worshipping, praying and learning together in such a large group. The first day focused on reviving our hearts, the second day focused on reviving European universities, and the last day was focused on reviving Europe.

Gretchen: I can just add that I had never been to a large conference like the Urbana conference in the US when I was a student, but I always heard how inspiring such events can be, so when the opportunity came up to attend Revive Europe, I was interested.  When I presented the possibility to a few students and alumni, some of them were also very eager to go.  I think we were both challenged and encouraged in our faith – hearing some great speakers, worshiping and praying together with so many others, and having time to share what we learned with each other.  I think we all came away with revived hearts and some actions we want to take to continue to grow in our faith and share it with others.

Impressions about Revive Europe 2019 event from LCC students: 

"It's just amazing to worship God with thousands of people. You don't know them all but the thing is that they are your sisters and brothers.” (E.K., Lithuania)

"I was never fully sure how the conference would look like until we got there. I did not expect that we would be transformed into God's witnesses. All of us became brothers and sisters in Christ who will remember this trip for a long time." (E.B., Lithuania)

“God has great plans for Europe; He is not done with Europe and our lives.” (R.M., Pakistan)

“Revive 2019 turned me from an empty skeptic to a very loving, grateful person with a heart full of joy, in 4 days. I keep wondering how easily even the most depressed and anxious people could get desired calmness and peace of mind if they open their hearts to the Lord.” (A.N., Ukraine)

“Thanks, LCC, that as a young student I could have a chance to be part of Europe Revive. You and I, we all together will change the world. For that we need not self-confidence, we need God-confidence; that's our confidence.”  (E.D, Kyrgyzstan)

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