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LCC Students Host Dressember kick-off party


Yesterday, November 27, LCC students hosted our Dressember Kick-Off Party. Dressember is an annual campaign raising awareness about human trafficking. By wearing a dress or a suit and tie during the month of December, participants attract attention to this serious global issue. LCC students dressed accordingly, marking the beginning of the 2019 campaign. The event included informative talks about human trafficking and delicious snacks.

According to Yuliia Rusianovska, one of the organizers, “The now annual Dressember Kick-Off Party introduces students to the global issue of human trafficking and explains how something as simple as a dress can make a difference. Wearing a dress or a tie every day in December is not about fashion, these are conversation starters about the issue and tools to raise funds that help rescue and provide holistic rehabilitation to the survivors of modern-day slavery.”

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