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LCC Outside with Lukas Kubilius and Skaiste Venckute


Lukas Kubilius and Skaistė Venckute, karate champions, will share about their journeys, challenges, and why your character is your future.

Lukas Kubilius graduated from LCC in 2005 with a degree in International Business Administration. This business degree was helpful in building his own business that also fit with , his main passion in life, karate. Lukas is the founder of Shodan, a Karate Kyokushin School he started in 2008. The school has been a great success and expands in the number of students and class locations each year. Lukas himself has received a number of extremely high athletic achievements, such as multiple times holding the title as European Champion and also placed 2nd in the World Championship.

In November, Lukas is participating in the Karate Olympics, the highest level tournament for Karate Kyokushin. It will be exciting to hear more about his journey and how he created life opportunities himself by being a tenacious, hard-working businessman.

Skaiste Venckute attends LCC, and is in her junior year, studying International Business Administration. She started karate when she was seven years old. Consistency, right priorities and hard work led Skaiste to earning the title of European Champion of Karate Kyokushin five times.

Lukas has been Skaiste’s coach for the last 10 years. Long hours in the gym, passion for the same sport, and the same shared values brought these two people into a successful team. As Skaiste shared: “Lukas is a coach, mentor, and friend at the same time”.

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