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LCC Outside with Agnija Šeiko and Šeiko Šokio Teatras


We began the 2020 year with our 4th LCC Outside event with special guests - Agnija Šeiko, the artistic director, and dancers from Šeiko Šokio Teatras (Šeiko Dance Company). Those in attendance had a unique chance to witness a sneak-peek from the groups’ upcoming performance „Ordredesordreordredesordre“, which will be premiered this Friday at Kulturos Fabrikas. With a relaxed atmosphere, all enjoyed the conversations with Agnija and the dance team. They shared about art as a career, what it means to be self-fulfilled and how is it to live life as a dancer. 

When the question arose of how performance ideas originate within the team, Vilma, the choreographer at Šeiko Šokio Teatras shared: “It is about working together and sharing ideas. Creating a dance from just a simple idea might be too dangerous, because the idea can get stuck at some point, and won’t arrive anywhere. Within the team, there has to be communication and connection. We discuss the dance, we try, and we talk.” 

We are grateful to have had a chance to meet the team from Šeiko Šokio Teatras, and hear their insights on art as a career, self-expression, and self-fulfilment. We wish them a successful premiere this Friday, January 24th, at Klaipedos Kulturos Fabrikas. 

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