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LCC Hosts panel discussion "European Identity: Forgotten Myth or The Idea of Future?"


This weekend LCC hosted an event, organized by the Student Initiative for Democracy and Liberal Values. "European Identity: Forgotten Myth or The Idea of Future?" gathered students for a great discussion led by LCC professor, Dr. Michael Ray Smith along with guest speakers. The speaker panel included Olegas Mariničius, former vice mayor of Klaipėda, the former head of Lithuanian Naval Forces, and a representative of NATO in Ukraine; Maxim Goryunov, journalist, philosopher, and a host for "European Radio in Belarus", and Viačeslav Vasiljev, Klaipėda born youth activist. The discussion revolved around the idea that European identity goes beyond borders and nations. The European identity tends to have the ability to unite people of different nations and political views inside the EU and even across its borders. This is especially true as it seems the EU is experiencing the biggest political crises in its history. The audience had a chance to ask questions related to the topic, as well as engage in a meaningful discussion involving various nationalities and countries.

When asked about the importance of student initiatives, Viačeslav said, "In a way, it is a learning playground because you are allowed to try something new, experiment, and not have really big consequences if you make wrong decisions. I think it is quite important to be active, to learn and experience new things. The best thing is that experienced professionals join and help the student community."

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