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LCC Hosts a Professional Development Seminar for English Language Teachers


LCC welcomed English language teachers to a professional development seminar at LCC on Tuesday, February 18. The seminar inspired teachers to teach creatively, and to think “outside the book.” Three presentations gave teachers new ideas for their classrooms. The seminar was advertised through the Klaipėdos miesto pedagogų švietimo ir kultūros centras (Education center in Klaipėda).

To begin the day, Robin Gingerich engaged the teachers in considering how they can introduce moral values into the classroom using global issues. The group discussed the importance of helping young people to develop attitudes of tolerance and integrity and skills of cooperation and communication. Robin led the group through several interactive activities centered around issues of global news stories, world economics, and human rights.

Debi Van Duin’s presentation aimed to foster a positive awareness of culture differences. Based on Hofstede’s research, Debi offered summaries of cultural interaction styles and social norms globally. The listeners were entertained by Debi’s comical experiences living and teaching in Asia; she inspired the group to consider culture differences and world views as clues to understanding why people think and act certain ways.

A specialist in teaching reading, Gretchen Ketner gave a stimulating presentation entitled, “Walking in Their Shoes: Using Perspective-Taking Activities and Cooperative Learning with Fiction to Foster 21st Century Skills.” English teachers were encouraged to use a number of creative ways to help students gain skills of critical thinking, communication and cooperation using fiction texts. During Gretchen’s presentation, teachers were actively engaged in role plays, writing, and group work.

LCC began hosting professional development seminars for teachers in 2001. Many English language professionals have given presentations to teachers over the years. During these seminars LCC has been inspiring English language teachers with new techniques for teaching and introducing current philosophies of language education. In turn, English teachers return to their schools and communities to promote LCC to their secondary school pupils. The audiences for such seminars are English language teachers in secondary schools and gymnasiums throughout Lithuania.

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