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Kristina Kiltinavičiūtė Attends Erasmus Mobility program for staff


Last September, Kristina Kiltinavičiūtė Employee Relations Coordinator at LCC attended a seminar in Vienna, Austria. The seminar, “Peer Learning Seminar on the Quality of Staff Training Mobility in Higher Education,” was hosted by the Austrian National Agency Erasmus+ Education, as part of the OeAD-GmbH. The participants from 20 European countries had a chance to discuss the strategies of improving staff mobility in higher education institutions (HEI) as well as ways to improve participation in training and exchange programs in Europe. The seminar included workshops, presentations, and engaging panel discussions.

Kristina shared what inspired her from the trip. “During the seminar, it was useful to hear various insights from representatives of HEI about employee mobility in Europe. I realized how important it is to encourage participation among employees at our institution by improving accessibility, inclusivity, interdepartmental cooperation and clarity about mobility opportunities. Participation in mobility trainings is said to increase modernization and internationalization in HEI which is an inevitable part of advancing and staying relevant in this day and age”.

Photo credit: OeAD-GmbH

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