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Karam Saad Salim Aolow: an Iraqi Student in Lithuania


Karam Saad Salim Aolow from Mosul, Iraq is a sophomore majoring in Psychology at LCC International University. Karam is also a Middle East Scholars (MES) student in Lithuania, which enables him to get a high quality education. Upon completing his studies at LCC, Karam is planning to come back to Iraq and use his degree to help his community.

Home – I feel safe here in Lithuania. I have studies, I have something to accomplish. It is a peaceful country where I have felt at home ever since I got here.

Opportunity – two years ago I would describe myself as an opportunity seeker. I want to finish my studies here, find a job, gain more experience, and come back to my home country with that experience.

Communication – I can mingle with people and communicate with them, I do not feel shy or uncomfortable doing that. At LCC, we meet people from different countries and learn about their cultures, backgrounds, and how to be respectful of these differences as we communicate with each other.

Leadership - I see myself as a leader because I can influence people and work in a group.

Education – I was studying medicine in Iraq before coming here and when things got complicated I could not find a university with a medical program and a scholarship. I chose the Psychology major at LCC because it is the closest science to the medical field.

Freedom – I would describe freedom as the home I grew up in. Only within those four walls I felt safe and free. My parents would always provide everything for me and as I left Iraq and became independent, I am still looking for that meaning of freedom, where I would be happy with myself.

Peace – my country has been through many political conflicts and wars. Every 5 or 10 years when we start feeling safe and at peace, something new comes up and ruins everything. There were times when I felt like our government was protecting us, and everything felt safe and peaceful, but then another “era” came, with ISIS and everything else, and there was no peace after that. While I am in a peaceful country now, and I do feel safe here, I have no inner peace, because I am always worried about my parents, about my further education and my future. My father is very patriotic and he is someone who really loves his country; he is proud to stay in Iraq even during such difficult times. I have a plan to go back to Iraq after I graduate and help my community.

Community – at LCC I am a part of a small community where everyone knows each other. It is a safe and comfortable environment because we communicate with each other even though we might not be very familiar. Here, I have everything: I am studying, I have a place to live, I have a circle of friends, and that is what I essentially need right now.

LCC MES program is funded by the Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme.

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