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Ilia Mazurin: “LCC taught me how to love people and serve them”


Ilia Mazurin is an LCC International University 2019 alumnus. Ilia received his Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature with a hope to pursue his dream of being a teacher. Currently, he lives in Xingxiang, China and teaches English and Russian languages to high school students.

Besides his passion for teaching, Ilia enjoys creative writing and would like to become a professional writer one day. He is a very cheerful person, who loves to serve others and serve God. Ilia speaks very fondly of LCC and has many great memories about his time here.

What did you do after graduating LCC?

To begin with, I was surprised that a life could exist after LCC. It was challenging to leave my second home and all the amazing people I had met here. At the end of my senior year, one of the professors advised me to search for a teaching job in China. I thought it couldn't hurt to try and started searching for the available English teaching positions. Shortly after, I received a few job offers and was officially employed a month after my graduation. Since then, I have been working as a teacher of English and Russian languages in the International Bilingual Academy of AMS of HNU. I help my students improve their verbal communication skills and prepare them for IELTS and TOEFL, as most of them are planning to study abroad. If any were to seek my advice with the choice of university, I would definitely recommend LCC.

What were your interests at LCC?

I majored in English Language and Literature, focusing on TESOL and translation. From the very beginning, I wanted to get my degree and teach English. Teaching English was my passion, my goal for the future. I have to admit, it feels very good to have one of my dreams come true and be working as a teacher. I am grateful to LCC for helping me take this path, leading me to where I am today.

What are your main takeaways from studying at LCC?

Undoubtedly, my main takeaways from my time at LCC are knowledge, creative and critical thinking, and the ability to overcome any challenges I face along the way. Studying in English was quite difficult in the beginning, yet it allowed me to become better, develop my skills, and learn how to use them.

I guess, one of the most precious things that I truly value and cherish about LCC is my student life experience, the memories I shared with other students, and our time serving people together. LCC taught me how to love people, serve them, and develop my organizational skills alongside my communication skills.

Did you have any leadership positions during your time at LCC?

During my junior and senior years, I finally got enough courage to apply for the Resident Assistant position. It was an incredible experience and I enjoyed every bit of it. I loved organizing events for my residents, getting to know them, and helping whenever needed. This leadership position taught me how to be patient, how to get out of my comfort zone to understand people, and to find common ground with them. If I had a chance to go back, I would have applied for the RA position sooner.

LCC also provided me with an opportunity to strengthen my faith alongside my friends by leading a Bible study group. It was not an official leadership position but it united us and motivated us. The purpose of our meeting was to study the Bible together and share our thoughts and learn from one another. It gave me another opportunity to serve other students, lead them to God, and grow in faith myself.

What advice can you give to the current students of LCC?

I want to encourage students to study hard but make some spare time to enjoy their youth and these few years they will spend at LCC to the fullest. It is really important to socialize with people and participate in different events. Remember, that your time at LCC will come to an end one day and you should take advantage of every moment you spend there. Create memories with people you care about, have fun, and do things that bring you joy and happiness! Take every opportunity you have to grow academically and personally. Don't forget to be an example for others and serve your community!

What are your plans for the future?

For the near future, I am looking forward to getting my Master’s degree in Professional Writing with an emphasis on Creative Writing, which will lead to my next personal goal to be a professional writer.

Further in the future with God’s blessing, I would love to open my own linguistic school to educate and inspire youth just like LCC does. I have many other hopes and plans for my life including continuing to serve my community and serve God.

What inspired you to pursue writing in the first place?

My biggest inspiration for writing is the desire to serve people and God through my work. Additionally, as an English major, I discovered the power of language and how to use it. I had many classes that not only taught me how to write but how to effectively communicate and express myself. Writing helped me to push my limits and be more open-minded, improve my critical thinking, and overcome challenges, such as making English my primary language.

What are some difficulties you face in the process of writing?

In my opinion, the process of writing is more challenging than just overcoming the language barrier and finding the right words. Some of the difficulties I face while writing are lack of inspiration and discipline. It takes a lot of time and dedication to constantly contribute something meaningful to your work and to stay focused.

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