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From the Desk of the President


LCC is an international community and among our almost 800 students from almost 60 countries, we have 176 Ukrainian students (and 230 Ukrainian alumni) who are directly affected by this war. It is, of course, a moment of global anxiety and concern as two million refugees (mostly women and children) have relocated across Europe over the past 13 days.  As we watch the largest European refugee crisis since World War II unfold, we realize that these are very uncertain times.

The war is also affecting our entire campus.  Our community has launched several efforts to support our Ukrainian students and Ukrainian refugees coming into Lithuania.  

A group of students have formed the Ukraine Care Initiative which has been actively doing the following:

The LCC staff and faculty are also providing additional support for students by:

We find ourselves constantly scrolling through news feeds and Facebook posts because everyone on campus knows someone who is directly affected by the war or is currently inside Ukraine.  Please feel free to find me on Facebook or follow the LCC Facebook page for updates. The anxiety is real. But we are also comforted by one another and by our hope in God to bring freedom to all humankind.

Thank you for your support and prayers.


Marlene Wall, PhD

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