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From The Desk of the President


We are now into the spring semester and finally back to in-person classes! The patience and agility exhibited by our faculty, staff, and students has been inspiring, despite the fact that Omicron is hitting Lithuania hard right now. As we continue to battle the pressures of Covid, we take each day at a time and thank God for the small blessings. So much is out of our control, and yet we live as a Christ-centered community that knows who is ultimately in control.

LCC is affected directly by world events.  Geopolitical tensions add stress to our community, including conflicts in our region related to Russia and Ukraine and unrest in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Afghanistan. We are monitoring the news from various sources. Please join us in praying for peace. 


Despite the pandemic, we are continuing to take care of one another, including upcoming events designed to encourage dialogue about political troubles and offer students theological perspectives on human history and current affairs. “Why does the environment matter?” is the topic of an upcoming inter-faith dialogue event hosted by the Public Theology Forum.  Another upcoming event is a celebration of our LCC Global Village where attendees can experience the different cultures we represent through food, dress, art, displays and performances.

These are still challenging times, but each and every day LCC students continue to inspire us with their eager hopefulness, excitement to learn, and care for one another.  This is a generation that will do great things and we are privileged to be able to share the love of Christ with them in this diverse learning community.

Ačiū (Thank You) for your continued support of this unique and wonderful university.

Marlene Wall


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