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What a difference a year makes!

A year ago this week (February 2020), I flew to North America. I spent a wonderful week, visiting LCC friends. I was in British Columbia,* and I remember hearing about the spread of this strange virus just south of the border, in Washington State.

(*See photo of Marlene’s last dinner party in North America, in February 2020.)

Fast forward to today . . .

LCC is happening fully online.

In fact, in Lithuania, a country on lockdown, we are restricted to only two people outside together, no travel between cities, only grocery stores open . . . for two full months already.

Despite all of these “I can’t believe this is our reality!” statements, God continues to walk alongside us, as we seek to be His servants in this place called LCC International University.

How do I know this?

As we move into the middle of the Spring 2021 semester, we wonder what the summer will hold for our students. Will any of them have the opportunity to work, to help off-set their university costs? Will this be their second summer in a row of no employment?

Thank you!

The donor community that supports LCC has been faithful in consistently supporting the mission of LCC through financial giving. Thank you!


God working through you—the LCC donors—is the reason that the LCC community thrives, with the largest student body in our history.  We have much to be grateful for, even online. 

Ačiū / Thank You!

Marlene Wall

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