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From The Desk of the President



It seems as though we’ve run out of descriptors for Spring 2020! We’ve all experienced a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic . . . and we’ve quickly learned to adapt and redefine what “thriving” looks like. At LCC International University, like everywhere, we finished the spring semester in a remote format. Unlike most other places, we still have over 100 students living on campus – students for whom the borders had closed or there was nowhere else to go.

At an international university, where over 70% of our students come from “somewhere else,” the biggest threat is the possibility that international travel will become the enemy. We believe that LCC has a unique role in helping shape a generation of young leaders who are able to communicate across cultures, and who have learned to negotiate and work together across dividing lines that artificially separate so many in our world.

In everything, LCC remains committed to our mission of “providing Christian liberal arts education within a diverse learning community that transforms people for servant leadership.” And we are working hard to remain agile. I believe we likely need to remove the phrase “back to normal” from our vocabulary. I believe that we will never truly return to the way it was, because we will have learned how to do things better as we also learn to let go.


1. Supporting our Students: Knowing that many of our students have lost their summer employment opportunities, we are granting all students a 10% tuition discount for 2020-2021 (in addition to any other financial aid/scholarship that they are entitled to).

2. Creative Student Recruitment: With no ability to travel to other countries for recruitment purposes, we have seamlessly moved to a “webinar” format – which has been very successful to date.

3. Loan Fund: We have established an Emergency Loan Fund, which will be available to students for tuition support in the fall. The concepts of loans and debt are rather new to this part of the world, so we are looking at generous forgiveness plans for prompt repayment.

4. Increased Annual Fund Goals: In order to offset lost tuition revenue, and in order to support our students’ return in the fall, we are increasing our Annual Fund goal by 200,000 EUR for the next fiscal year. This brings the total Annual Fund goal to 950,000 EUR.

5. Managing Expenses: In anticipation of the potential for decreased student numbers in Fall, we are already working to manage our expenses (including not filling current vacancies).


Number of students who had planned to work in the US or Greece this summer, and have now lost employment opportunities


Number of current students who have registered for the fall (which represents a 96% retention rate)


Number of prospective students who have been accepted for fall, compared to 210 last year and 183 the year before (YTD)

200,000 EUR

The cost of the 10% tuition discount for all BA students

100,000 EUR

The amount of the new Emergency Loan Fund to offer students an additional option for funding their tuition



Thank you in advance! We appreciate our strong global community, and we remain agile in our planning. May God bless you and your family . . . as you navigate this global crisis with us.

Marlene Wall, PhD


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